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    Hat Creek Ranch is located in Northwest Arkansas, approximately 12 miles south of Siloam Springs.  The ranch is owned by Jimmy and Danelle Thurman.  For many generations the ranch has produced many crops, raised cattle and poultry, and has been a large successful dairy for the Thurman family.  Today, the ranch is still providing a living, with a large poultry operation and with the raising of beef cattle.

     The Barn at Hat Creek Ranch was built by Floyd Thurman and his sons in 1946.  It was used to store loose hay and was used for shelter for the livestock.  The barn was used for nearly 70 years as a working barn, until it was renovated in 2013 for a family members wedding.  It took several months to complete the renovation.  A lot had to be done.  The barn had to be cleaned out and hay moved, concrete poured, and electricity installed.  In order to utilize the space, stairs and railing were added to the balcony.  This made much more space available for the guests.  The renovation was finished only days before the wedding.  The wedding was a success, and since then many rustic weddings have been held at The Barn.

    History of The Barn at Hat Creek Ranch

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